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Dmitrii Kovanikov

I am a Haskell Adept: developer, teacher, enthusiast. Here you can find information about me, my working experience and my most notable work in the open-source community. Oh, and don't forget to check out my blog!


Senior Software Engineer

Development of the backend to support a dating app with high load, legacy code extraction, using latest techniques for performance profiling, mentorship, organization and workflow improvements.

April 2022 — Present

Quantitative Developer

Implementing and supporting pricing platform core features, working on a custom build tool and GHC infrastructure, developing web-services, enhancing products maintainability, monitoring and analysing project performance, improving continuous integration, continuous deployment and developing experience.

December 2019 — April 2022

Middle Haskell Developer

Backend development of web applications in Haskell. Working on healthcare projects that sync information from multiple sources and display them to users. Integration with machine learning models in other languages. Technologies included: Haskell, Elm, PostgreSQL, Amazon services (S3, SQS), Protocol buffers.

May 2018 — November 2019

Co-founder & Maintainer

Using Haskell to build better software. Improving Haskell ecosystem and making community friendlier. Mentoring people and help them to learn the programming language.

March 2018 — April 2022

Haskell Software Engineer

Developing distributed cryptocurrency systems using Haskell. Implementing cryptocurrency protocols, creating logging framework, writing jekyll documentation in English, Haskell development and refactoring tooling support, performance optimizations, benchmarking, making world better.

May 2016 — April 2018

Haskell PL Tutor

Teaching the course about functional programming in Haskell: desinging the course, creating lecture slides and validating completed lab assignments.

September 2015 — April 2018


My open-source work and most notable projects.

📕 co-log

Composable contravariant comonadic logging library

🌀 relude

Alternative standard library for Haskell with modern idioms

🏝 tomland

Bidirectional TOML serialization library with monadic profunctors, theorem proving and prefix trees

🍃 treap

Efficient implementation of the implicit treap data structure

🐞 type-errors-pretty

Combinators for writing pretty type errors easily

🎒 containers-backpack

Backpack implementation of the uniform interface for containers in Haskell

🌋 idris-patricia

Idris implementation of the patricia trees
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