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Dmitrii Kovanikov

Hi, I'm Dmitrii (he / him). Welcome to my web page! 👋
I'm a Haskell &Rust developer. I currently work as Senior Software Engineer at Feeld .
On this page, you can find my blog, more information about my diverse work and learn about services I offer.

Below is a short summary of my experience:

  • 7+ years experience of using Haskell in production, OSS and mentoring
  • 10+ talks on multiple conferences and meetups (YOW! Lambda Jam, Haskell Love et al.)
  • 3 Haskell courses created (see my latest Haskell Course )
  • 50+ open-source projects authored

🧑‍💻 Moreover, I offer a diverse package of consultancy services. Read more in the dedicated Consultancy page and don't hesitate to contact me.

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My current open-source projects

🌈 iris

Haskell CLI Framework supporting Command Line Interface Guidelines

🧰 tool-sync

A CLI tool written in Rust for downloading pre-built binaries of all your favourite tools with a single command

📊 dr-cabal

Haskell dependencies build times profiler

👁 sauron

A CLI tool that fetches top user tweets (written with Haskell and Iris)

🧪 ghc-plugin-non-empty

A Haskell compiler plugin for writing type-safe programs easier
See more of my projects

Professional experience

Senior Software Engineer

Development of the backend to support a dating app with high load, legacy code extraction, using latest techniques for performance profiling, mentorship, organization and workflow improvements.

April 2022 — Present

Quantitative Developer

Implementing and supporting pricing platform core features, working on a custom build tool and GHC infrastructure, developing web-services, enhancing products maintainability, monitoring and analysing project performance, improving continuous integration, continuous deployment and developing experience.

December 2019 — April 2022

Software Engineer

Backend development of web applications in Haskell. Working on healthcare projects that sync information from multiple sources and display them to users. Integration with machine learning models in other languages. Technologies included: Haskell, Elm, PostgreSQL, Amazon services (S3, SQS), Protocol buffers.

May 2018 — November 2019

Software Engineer

Developing distributed cryptocurrency systems using Haskell. Implementing cryptocurrency protocols, creating logging framework, writing jekyll documentation in English, Haskell development and refactoring tooling support, performance optimizations, benchmarking, making world better.

May 2016 — April 2018


I offer a variety of paid consultancy services. Contact me if you're interested in any of them!

Haskell Revitalisation


Do you have old Haskell projects that require more attention?
Do you want to start following Haskell development best practices?
In that case, we can have a productive conversation.
I'm offering paid consultancy services for improving the maintainability, sustainability and code quality of your Haskell packages:

  • Supporting newer and older GHC versions
  • Supporting both cabal and stack
  • Adding more sanity checks, linting and static analysis
  • Improving documentation
  • And much more!

Read more about this offer on the dedicated Haskell Revitalisation page!

Haskell Engineering Mentorship

Mentorship, Consultancy

I offer a variety of mentorship services:

  • Leveling up Haskell knowledge in your team
  • Establishing Haskell Engineering recommended practices
  • Giving recommendations to improving your functional tech stack

Read more about my past public mentorship experience the Mentorship section.
And contact me if you want professional mentorship support!

Blog enhancement

Mentorship, Consultancy

According to several surveys, tech blog is one of the main reason for engineers to apply for a specific company.
Does your company have a blog to attract more talent? And if not,

  • Are you a company that wants to start a development blog?
  • Do you want to improve the quality of posts in your blog?
  • Do you need ideas for new exciting posts you can share with the wider community?

If your answer yes to any of the questions above, contact me for a potential collaboration. I have vast experience in tech blogging after writing dozens of blog posts on diverse subjects. I'd be happy to share my experience with you!


I offer free Haskell mentorship in several projects described below.
If you're interested in a unique mentorship approach (providing mentorship for Haskell Engineers in your company, having individual sessions, etc.), drop me a message to discuss the details.

Haskell Course

I provide mentorship in my Haskell Course for complete beginners.
The entire course is completely free, doesn't require any prior knowledge of FP or Haskell and includes the following features:

Start watching the first lecture today!

Haskell Beginners 2022 Course

Lecture 1

Open Source Mentorship

Besides my Haskell course, I also offer free mentorship my open-source project Iris — a Haskell CLI framework. The project contains multiple beginner-friendly issues that you can take to get your feet wet in OSS and real-world Haskell applications!

Mentorship experience

OSS Maintainer

Mentoring Haskell beginners in various Haskell OSS projects and courses.

October 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


Mentoring a person in the web application development using Haskell, Elm and PostgreSQL.

May 2019 - September 2019

Haskell PL Tutor

Teaching the course about functional programming in Haskell: desinging the course, creating lecture slides and validating completed lab assignments.

September 2015 — April 2018


Here you can find my past and upcoming talks on various conferences and meetups.
Check out my YouTube channel for more educational and entertainment contents!

❄️ Upcoming talks

If you're looking for a speaker at your conference or meetup, feel free to reach out to me via my contacts.

Currently, I'm considering only in-person events.

I don't have any upcoming talks at the moment. My speaker schedule is free!

Talks archive

Beginner-friendly introduction to Free Monads

Bay Area Haskell User Group, 5 Nov 2022

Haskell architecture is just a piece of cake

FunctionalFest, 14 Dec 2021

One way and another

Haskell Love, 10 Sep 2021

Introduction to relude — an alternative Haskell prelude

Haskell Amsterdam, 15 Apr 2020

co-log: Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging Component

YOW! Lambda Jam, 13 May 2019
See my YouTube channel